What’s Next?

The first of the Permaculture design principles is Observe.

Thoughtful observation of all the elements in all seasons with consideration of the specific site, client, and culture should precede any action.

In other words, careful, intensive, thoughtful observation beats careless, energetic, thoughtless action any day of the week.  We can’t properly develop our own little site without preparation. Do this: take a careful inventory of all the assets the site has to offer as well as all external factors affecting the site. Don’t forget to look ahead and consider all of the design principles, particularly number 6: “Make the least change for the greatest effect.”

So that’s it then.  Our next step is to take stock of what we have going for us and determine what strokes are already against us. Then we can make a wish list of things we would like to do, and make some plans.  Keep in mind that we need to figure out how to get the maximum benefit for the least amount of change ($).

Even on a city lot, I think it’s do-able!

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